Payment services

Pay bills quickly & conveniently with ECO

Bringing a wide range of services from many major suppliers

Provide a variety of bill payment services

–   Electricity bill: Payment support of all regions

–   Water bill: Link with many suppliers across the county

–   Landline & internet bill: VNPT, SST, SPT, FPT,…

–   TV bill: MobiTV, VTC HD, VTC Cab, FPT, MyTV,…

Money collection service: Support collection of installments for many financial institutions

The benefits from payment service you will receive

  • Provide more business services for the store, attract more new customer, increase income
  • Incentives for points of sale are continuous and regular
  • Support many payment methods such as e-wallet, QR code
  • There are opportunities to engage with many major service providers

Experience payment superior to previous paymnet methods

  • Simple operation, easy to perform
  • Proactive and accurate payment on each invoice
  • Manage electronic payment record and direct reconciliation
  • Pay anytime, anywhere

Successful story

Joining ECO helps me be more proactive in my business

June 18th, 2020

Since joining ECO, Ms. Linh was completely convinced because of the practicality of the bill payment service that she had missed before. Every month, each family has to pay for different types of service bills from different providers. Families must pay for electricity, water, television, Internet, etc. …

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