Partner interests

Accompany development for future success

Manufacturer/brand benefits

  • Received big data from thousands of sales locations in Vietnam
  • The information is transferred deliberately and transparently to The sales location
  • Proactively in planning for manufacturing activities
  • Cut down incurred expenses from distribution channels
  • Media publicity about promotional events
  • Proactively managing and operating The distribution channels

Service provider benefits

  • Easily scale up a business based on the point of sale system
  • Save time and development cost for new services/clients
  • Receive support for media/brand recognition to attract the consumer to use the service at the sale location

Bank benefits

  • We see ourselves at an extended arm of the bank. We will deliver your services closer to the client in a deliberate manner
  • With our extended network which covering places that banks could not reach, we can expand the customer base of your business
  • We will assist you to shorten the implementation time and universalise the methodology of cashless payment from urban to rural areas

Retail benefits

  • Industrialise store, proactively managing sales data
  • Provide diversify business services for your store
  • Daily update on promotion events via ECO eWallet
  • Assist seller to approach and utilise working capital loan package for businesses
  • Proactively approach merchandise that is abundant, high quality with transparent product information
  • Points accumulation, level up, using point to redeem merchandises, services, discounts

End-consumer benefits

  • Easily use all the necessary services at ECO-certified location national wide
  • Save time
  • No more worry about going through a large quantity of paperwork like conventional services
  • Promotional news are published quickly
  • Often receive competitive pricing