Distribution platform

Provide sustainable distribution platform

Your benefits when you are a part of our distribution platform

  • Benefits of manufactures/brands:
  • Saving cost/time for businesses
  • Measure job performance easily
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Proactively plan production
  • Easily track and take care of customers
  • Benefits of point of sale: Easy access to quality goods and timely promotions from brands

Providing a comprehensive sales/distribution channel management system

  • Monitoring of sales roadmap: Locate staff anytime anywhere, monitoring sales routes of employees
  • Sales management function: Manage sales staff closely, effectively manage and take care of customers, unlimited product management, monitoring warehouse management, management of promotion, set IKP/sales plan
  • Executive report: Supervision report, sales report, warehouse report
  • Sticking to the market: Update information instantly, get feedback from customers quickly, receive real images from the market

The optimal solution for customer management and care

  • Manage customer information and related active: call, appointment, email, work history with customers,…
  • Manage marketing campaigns and business projects
  • Managing and evaluating potential customers. Manage email, notes, documents, quotes, contracts
  • Statistics report, track individual work schedule, group, departments

Along with many features that support management and operation

  • Credit accumulation feature, use Credit to buy merchandise and redeem gifts from promotional events, which help upon the bond between supplier and retailer
  • Stimulate purchasing power by stimulus package for retailer
  • Ordering software with useful tools (tracking package, report, ...), combine with multiple business based services (telecom, payment, ...) help the store to increase in revenue
  • A complete delivering platform
Directions for use